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Puppy & Kitten Care

The special time you spend with a young puppy or kitten isn’t just important for your lifelong emotional bond— it’s also incredibly important for your pet’s long-term health. Proper care during the puppy and kitten phase is essential for setting the stage for a lifetime of happiness and health, and that’s where your relationship with Animal Health Care Denver should begin.

Puppy Care

There’s nothing quite like bringing home a brand-new puppy. They’re energetic, adorable, and bursting with personality. For many individuals or families, a new puppy is their first experience with a pet of this kind. At Animal Health Care Denver, we’re happy to be your partner to help navigate through this exciting but sometimes challenging early stage of your newest family member’s life.

We recommend you schedule your puppy for its first examination as soon as you bring your pup home. At this examination, we’ll learn vital information about your pup, like its breed, size, vaccination history, and more. We’ll be able to begin and schedule out their timetable for necessary and suggested vaccinations and deworming. From there, we’ll be there to answer any and all questions you have about giving your pup the best, healthiest, and happiest life you can for as long as you get to be together.

This might include microchipping your pet, a process we recommend that’s quick and painless and helps vets and animal facilities identify your pet and return it home to you in the event that it’s lost someday.

Puppy care also includes spaying or neutering your puppy when the appropriate time comes. We’ll give you all of the information you need to know about spaying and neutering, including why we recommend it for all pets.

Kitten Care

Bringing home a brand new kitten? Schedule a nose-to-tail exam with our team of veterinarians in Denver to ensure that you have all the information you need to get your kitten off on the right foot. We’ll help you understand which vaccinations you’ll need and when, as well as key info about diet, lifestyle, and overall health to make you an informed pet owner.

Your adorable new kitten is experiencing much of the world for the very first time, and its small, furry frame contains a whole world of curiosity and interest about its environment— as well as a bit of anxiety. While dogs have been bred for thousands of years to naturally adapt to living with people, cats can take just a bit more care and time to ensure they’re comfortable in your home and family.

At Animal Health Care Denver, we’ll not only offer a first-time health examination of your new kitten, but also provide tips for ensuring that your cat properly acclimates to your home in the healthiest way possible. This includes the process of introducing a new kitten to a home where other cats are already living, a process that can lead to some issues when handled incorrectly. Never fear— we’ll lay out everything you need to know about introducing a new cat into a multi-cat home.


Microchipping is the process of implanting a small chip just beneath your pet’s skin. This chip contains information about your pet and you as their owner— including how to contact you if your pet is lost and brought into a facility. 

Microchipping is safer and more effective than a collar or tag, as these can fall off or be removed. Meanwhile, the microchipping process is 100% safe and minimally invasive. The insertion of the chip is instant and nearly painless, and from that point forward your pet won’t even notice it’s there.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

The process of neutering (for males) and spaying (for females) is simply the act of removing your pet’s reproductive organs. While this has the obvious effect of making it impossible for your pet to become pregnant or impregnate other animals, it also comes with other significant health benefits.

Spaying and neutering reduces the chances of certain cancers and other health problems relating to reproductive organs. Meanwhile, it helps avoid unwanted pregnancies and litters of kittens or puppies without homes that often end up being euthanized. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of every pet owner to have their pet spayed or neutered. We’re proud to provide safe spay and neuter procedures, which have no effect on your pet’s physical fitness, personality, or other traits that make your pet your best friend.

Your pet will be fully sedated throughout the procedure thanks to a safe dose of general anesthesia. The recovery period is just a couple of weeks, during which your pet may experience some slight discomfort. After that, they’ll be back to their old self.

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