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3-D Imaging

Animal Health Care Denver is excited to offer a new diagnostic imaging modality with our new Vimago Pico. Computed Tomography, also known as a CAT scan, is a 3-D x-ray that provides our doctors with more precise imaging data than a standard x-ray.

Vimago 3D Computer Tomography Scanner

CT Scanning is proven to be clinically superior to radiographs and has decreased the need for emergency surgery in many cases. Because our patients are complex living beings, traditional 2-D x-rays are often unable to show us the actual cause of the problem. The Vimago provides resolution as small as 0.09mm which is about the thickness of a human hair. Clinicians can see the data in any angle, thickness or orientation leading to superior diagnostic confidence.

Our Vimago scanner offers a vast array of applications and should be the primary imaging modality for:

  • Skulls: sinus, nasal, ears (great for middle ear disease), brain lesions, trauma
  • Foreign Bodies: anywhere
  • Thorax: lungs, heart, met checks
  • Abdomen: liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, GI, portosystemic shunts, oncology
  • Orthopedics: stifles, elbows, hips, carpus/tarsus, OCD, cartilage lesions, fractures, and soft tissue such as tenosynovitis
  • Spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and CT contrast myelography
  • Diagnostic Fluoroscopy: coughing, swallow studies, collapsing trachea.

Scans, from anesthesia to completion, typically take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of sites scanned and the need for contract. All completed studies are sent to a radiologist and then back to you. At Animal Health Care Denver, your clients will receive a specialty experience at general practice fees. We are a small, locally-owned business that care about pet health.

Please call 303.288.6800 or email with any questions or to request an estimate.

Real Stories From Our Hospital

Patient 1: This patient is an Australian Cattle Dog who visited our hospital in August 2019. Her breed is not predisposed to middle ear problems nor was her condition detectable by regular x-ray. The results from our CT Scanner enabled us to quickly identify the problem and successfully perform a total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy on this patient. The owner has since reported that the patient is doing much better and no longer cries in pain.

Patient 2: The owner brought this patient, a Domestic Shorthair, to our hospital concerned about a small lump on the side of the patient’s cheek and her pupils differing in size. Upon viewing with our CT scanner, we were surprised to find a massive tumor which extended from the patient’s cheek to underneath her eyeball, creating pressure that changed the size of her pupils. A traditional x-ray would not have shown this result and there is a high likelihood this patient would have been misdiagnosed. Instead we were able to recommend a hospice treatment plan to slow the tumor’s growth and give this patient more time with her owner.

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