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Preventative Care

The best way to keep your pet healthy is with a schedule of regular routine check-ups. These check-ups help us ensure your pet is living a healthy lifestyle and identify any potential problems before they become too serious.


Our nose-to-tail routine examinations are the best way to ensure your pet has everything they need to be healthy and happy. Our team members are extremely experienced at learning a great deal about your pet during these exams, from whether their diet is giving them the nutrition they need, the health of their joints, bones, paws, teeth, eyes, skin, and coat, and much, much more.

Exams can also help us identify potential issues that may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye. After all, dogs and cats have a natural instinct to try to hide their pain or discomfort. Even the most attentive and caring owners may miss the very subtle signs that something is wrong. During these routine exams, our trained vets can help identify potential problems and offer solutions.


Vaccinations are absolutely necessary for your pet. Every day, your cat, dog, or other animal is exposed to a wide range of pathogens, viruses, and potentially deadly diseases that you can’t see. Not only can these diseases be deadly for your pet, but your pet may carry them and pass them on to other animals when unvaccinated.

Whether your pet is current on their vaccines based on their age or there’s some catching up to do, we’ll lay out the perfect vaccination schedule to ensure your pet is healthy and safe. We provide affordable vaccinations designed specifically for your pet’s species, breed, size, and age.

Parasite Control

Pets can contract parasites from a wide range of sources. Animals explore the world with their mouths and noses, which makes it incredibly common for them to ingest something where parasites have made their home. Animal feces, carcasses, and other sources that are fascinating to pets are breeding grounds for parasites—and once your pet picks them up, they’ll settle into their new home inside your pet.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to help remove parasites and help keep your pet parasite-free. If you suspect a parasite, or if your pet’s behavior simply seems off in some way—change in appetite, change in poops, etc.— bring them in. We’ll be able to identify whether they’ve contracted a parasite and determine the best path forward.


Microchipping is the process of implanting a small chip just beneath your pet’s skin. This chip contains information about your pet and you as their owner— including how to contact you if your pet is lost and brought into a facility. 

Microchipping is safer and more effective than a collar or tag, as these can fall off or be removed. Meanwhile, the microchipping process is 100% safe and minimally invasive. The insertion of the chip is instant and nearly painless, and from that point forward your pet won’t even notice it’s there.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Pet obesity is on the rise, and while a chubby dog or cat might look cute, it’s no laughing matter. Excessive weight can be even more serious for pets than it is for humans, causing severe and life-threatening health issues. Obese pets live shorter lives, and their quality of life is reduced due to increased joint and hip pain and reduced mobility. 

Unfortunately, many people put off bringing in their pet for help with weight management because they feel guilty. Don’t! It’s actually quite a challenge to manage a pet’s weight, especially considering that many pets will eat anything and everything in front of them. Your natural instinct as an owner is to worry that your pet is hungry, and that caring attitude is often what leads to overfeeding. No one at Animal Health Care Denver is here to judge you for your pet’s weight— we’re simply here to help your pet get back on the right track

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