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About Our Hospital

Animal Health Care Denver has been an active part of the Denver veterinarian community for years, and we’re proud to continue that history of service each day. Read on to find out more about us.

Introduction To Our Practice

Animal Health Care Denver is a locally owned animal veterinary practice in Denver dedicated to taking care of your pets when they need it most. We offer a full range of medical services for your pets, including preventative care, dental care, and elective surgical procedures (including spays and neuters).

At Animal Health Care Denver, we’re home to Dr. Cathryn Sayer, who has led the practice since 2014. Under Dr. Sayer’s direction, we specialize in both specialty surgeries and procedures as well as general veterinary medicine in order to give you and your pet everything you need for a happy and healthy relationship.

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Located in the North Washington suburb of Denver. The hospital is directly off of exit 216 on I-25 and between E 68th Ave and E 66th Ave on Washington St.

Phone: 303-288-6800

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