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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets need special care, and we’re always honored to have the opportunity to care for our clients aging best friends. From meeting the changing lifestyle needs of aging pets to treating common illnesses and injuries that come with age, we’ll help keep your furry best friend happy and healthy as they age so that you can keep enjoying your wonderful relationship together.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Just like people, senior pets have needs that are unique from their younger counterparts. You can’t simply treat a senior animal with the same approaches used for puppies or adolescent pets. Their bodies change over time, and with those changes come increased risk for certain diseases and physical ailments. Fortunately, our entire team is trained specifically in treating aging pets and all of their unique needs.

As your pet ages, its muscle mass decreases, its energy levels go down, and its joints can experience increased pain and discomfort. Assessing the best way to manage all of these changes, and help treat age-related issues as they come up, is our job. We’ll help determine the best nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, and even mental health improvements that will help your pet age gracefully, happily, and with minimal pain and discomfort.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is long-lasting, ongoing pain that can range anywhere in intensity from minor to severe. Chronic pain is common in older dogs experiencing issues such as arthritis, joint problems, or slipped discs. But just because chronic pain becomes more frequent or probable as your pet gets older doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done for them.

At Animal Health Care Denver, we use a wide range of proven methods for helping alleviate chronic pain. Our team will work to find a solution that will make your pet as comfortable and happy as possible— while also identifying the root cause of any significant pain or discomfort.


Blood work helps us determine how your aging pet is managing the unique changes that come with age, including overall health, organ function, and other factors. When your pet is undergoing treatment or using a new medication, blood work can also tell us how your pet is responding to this treatment or medication.


Your pet’s urine can tell us a great deal about its health and wellness. We use urinalysis to identify potential health concerns, assess overall wellbeing, identify genetic risk factors for illness and disease, and more. We don’t just use urinalysis when we suspect something’s wrong— it should also be a standard part of your pet’s ongoing wellness exams.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging includes digital radiography, glaucoma screenings of the eyes, and other diagnostic technology designed to give us information about your pet’s health that we can’t see simply from an external examination of your pet. We’ll always consult with you first before ordering any sort of diagnostic examination or imaging.

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