When Digit was 7 years old, something very strange happened. She became dramatically ill in a matter of days. Her owners think that she may have had a reaction to a dental drinking water additive, labeled as being safe for cats, that they had put in the animals' water bowl. They wanted to keep their pets' teeth clean to improve their overall health, which is great. However, for Digit, it seemed to have backfired.


When she came in she was so sick she was unable to stand. She was severely dehydrated and her blood sugar levels were off the charts. She was hospitalized under the presumption that she was diabetic. Sometimes diabetes can come on quickly. During the following 10 days that she was in the hospital, she went into kidney failure, then liver failure. She had x-rays performed, and abdominal ultrasound, and numerous blood panels. Though many times her chances of survival seemed grim, her owners were determined not to give up on her and authorized continued treatment. Digit rallied and against all odds, survived. Interestingly, in the weeks that followed, her diabetes resolved on its own.


A year out from her hospital stay, Digit is thriving, and her bloodwork results are nearly 100% normal!

DeeDee was brought into Colorado from the streets of Mexico by one of the rescues we work with. While in her new foster home, she was bitten in the face by one of her housemates when she was only 4 months old.


She came in to our clinic yelping in pain whenever she moved her mouth. She was sedated and skull radiographs (x-rays) were taken with our digital system. She had a fractured jaw! Our orthopedic surgeon was consulted, who recommended placing a custom muzzle made out of medical tape. He believed she would heal fine without invasive surgery. He was right! She wore her custom muzzle for about 6 weeks, and ate a gruel consistency diet during that time.


She now has a beautiful smile and you would never know she had a serious fracture as a puppy.

Spike is a 14 year old Australian cattle dog, who is one of those great dogs who shows you that "age is not a disease;" meaning, that just because you are old it doesn't automatically mean that you are unhealthy or not deserving of treatment. 

Spike came in for limping on his left front leg. We took radiographs (x-rays) of his leg, and only found arthritis, nothing too serious. However, as is policy here at AHCD, we also took radiographs of his chest and abdomen. We found a large (softball sized) tumor on his spleen. Spike's owner consented to surgery right away, even though the odds of the mass being cancerous were about 70%. We removed the spleen, he recovered well, and the lab told us it was not cancer after all, it was a hematoma (essentially a large sphere shaped bruise). If we hadn't operated, the hematoma could have ruptured at any time and caused massive internal bleeding and possibly death.  Two months later, we followed up with a blood panel, and his blood values were 100% normal. Age itself is not a disease.....

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