The cornerstone to providing excellent care for your cat is having regular exams done, at least once annually. During exams, our primary goal is to learn as much about your cat’s health as possible while minimizing your pet’s stress levels. Our exams are always comprehensive – this includes checking the eyes, ears, teeth, skin, joints, heart, lungs, abdomen, perineal area, and any areas of concern.  If requested we will clip the nails as well.  Any cat aged 10 or older we will strongly recommend annual bloodwork and urinalysis.  
Every cat needs vaccines to stay healthy.  There are 3 main vaccines that we recommend for all cats; FVRCP, FeLV, and Rabies.  
FVRCP Vaccine:  Panleukopenia + herpesvirus-1 + calicivirus. Start at 6-8 weeks, repeat every 3-4 weeks, for a total of 2-3 injections.  Then again at 1 year of age.  Thereafter every 3 years for life regardless of indoor/outdoor status.
FeLV Vaccine: Feline Leukemia Virus.  Start at 8 weeks of age, every 3-4 weeks, for a total of 2 injections. Then again at 1 year of age.  For cats that are allowed outside or are expected to have contact with infected cats, annual re-vaccination is recommended until 4 years of age.  Thereafter a booster is recommended every 2-3 years.  (this guideline is from the American Association of Feline Practitioners)
Rabies Vaccine:  Administer once at 12-16 weeks of age, then again at 1 year of age, then every 3 years for life. Required by law in most cities, regardless of indoor/outdoor status. Even cats that are indoor can sometimes get out, and rabid bats often find their way into people's homes.  We require that all of our patients be kept up to date on their rabies vaccination. 

Feline Preventive Care

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