Emergency Services

Double enucleation (removal of painful eyes) in a pug with end stage keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye). This pug could not see before or after surgery, but now leads a much more comfortable life!

Emergency surgeries run anywhere between $400 for a minor surgery and $3000 for a major surgery with multiple days of hospitalization.  The cost depends on the type of surgery, difficulty, time required, and other factors. Charges may include exam fee, in-house blood panel, anesthesia, surgery fee, bandages, hospitalization, and medications to go home. We can give "ballpark" quotes over the phone, but cannot give accurate estimates without seeing the pet for an exam.  

The doctors and staff at Animal Health Care Denver are no strangers to emergency, life saving surgery. From splenectomies and cystotomies, to enucleations and laceration repairs, placing chest tubes to esophagostomy tubes, we've done it all.  We love surgery so please call for a quote if your pet is in need of medical attention.

Some examples of the many foreign objects we have removed from dogs' intestines over the years.  We don't know why the dog ate this rock (the pen is just for size comparison).  

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