About Us

Welcome to Animal Health Care Denver, a locally owned companion animal veterinary practice. We are here to take care of your canine or feline loved one in times of need.


The services we offer include preventative care (annual exams, vaccines, parasite control), dentistry (ultrasonic scaling, polishing, dental radiography, and extraction of diseased teeth) and a full range of surgical procedures, both emergency and elective. We also offer 24/7 nursing care for illnesses requiring hospitalization.

Please call to schedule an appointment if your pet is in need of medical attention. We look forward to meeting you!

Animal Health Care Denver was born on December 23rd, 2014, when Dr. Cathryn Sayer took over the practice from Dr. David Schulman, who is now beginning a well earned retirement.


The name was changed from Animal Health Care Specialists to Animal Health Care Denver because, as before, we provide care for all life stages and medical problems, not just those requiring veterinary specialists. We still do perform specialty surgeries, offer ultrasound services, and provide an excellent value in health care.


We are not a low cost clinic or a charity; we are a locally owned small business that strives to keep our services as affordable as possible while providing high quality medical care for your pet.

Animal Health Care Denver is a PRO spay and neuter clinic.

We know that spaying and neutering prevents MANY disease conditions and is the right choice for the majority of American dogs. In general, we require all of our patients to be spayed/neutered by the age of 2 years.

An unspayed female dog with multiple mammary (breast) tumors, outlined here with marker.  She required extensive surgery to save her life. 

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