Rocco the boxer was brought to us after being at another hospital. He had been treated for 2 weeks for loss of appetite and severe weight loss. Rocco had lost 20 lbs in two weeks. The hospital referred his owners to a specialty hospital for additional work up because they couldn’t figure out what was going on. After they heard how high the costs were going to be for the additional work up they came to us instead. Within 6 hours Rocco was in surgery based on our finding in his exam and x-rays. Rocco’s loss of appetite and weight loss had all been caused by a foreign body obstruction. He had eaten what looked to be infant pacifiers.


Twister is a 3 year old, 9 lbs, terrier mix dog who was rushed into our clinic. He had just been hit by a car. The owners had him cradled in a blanket; his left eye was hanging out of its socket. He was badly bruised around the face and he was having difficulty breathing. He was in pain, in shock and dying. He was immediately rushed into the treatment room, where our technicians and doctor went to work treating shock and controlling bleeding. Twister was put on oxygen, pain medication and antibiotics until stable enough to x-ray. The x-rays revealed severe damage to the chest. The lungs were bruised and there was bleeding in the chest cavity as well. Twister was becoming more unstable and we proceeded to put a chest tube in. He actually died during the procedure. We were able to resuscitate him, clear the bloody fluid out of his lungs and chest. After 8 hours on oxygen and intensive 24hr care he was stable. Twister spent a few more days in the hospital then was able to be reunited with his owner. He was readmitted a week later when he was able to undergo general anesthesia to remove his eye. If not for Animal Health Care Specialists’ expertise and affordable prices Twister would have been euthanized.


Max’s owner brought max in from another hospital. Max was blocked. The other hospital was able to unblock Max, but due to the high cost they wanted to charge for hospitalization, his owner wasn’t going to be able to provide Max with the care he needed and was told to go elsewhere. Animal Health Care Specialists was able to provide care that his owner could afford. The identical intensive care for Max was only $100 a night. Max made a full recovery and was able to go home.


Joe had an ear infection. Instead of bringing Joe to his veterinarian who in the past was extremely expensive, his owners decided to tie up his ear so it could get more air as they thought that would help clear up the infection. Instead, the tie they used slipped and cut off circulation to the tip of the ear for several hours. If you look at the photo on the left the tip of the ear is on the left side of the picture. The hair is matted and the ear tip is hard. After shaving the ear tip the doctor found pus under the matted hair. The ear tip needed to be amputated.

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